Clan MacNab Society of North America

Timor Omnis Obesto

An Open Letter From Bob Macnab-President, Clan Macnab Society of North America

Dear Members and Clansmen:

The beat goes on and getting stronger each year. In August of 2014 there was a major gathering of the Macnabs in Killin where Jamie and his family was the honored guest together with the Macnab Clan at the Killin Games. Summer of 2015 we gathered again at the Grandfather Mountain Games in North Carolina where Jamie and family were honored guests and The Macnabs the honored clan. Summer of 2016 and again Jamie and his family plus the Macnab Clan honored (are you seeing a pattern here?) at the Gallabrae Games in Greenville, South Carolina.

Many of us have just recently returned home from the largest Macnab gathering in as long as can be remembered in Killin and at the Tattoo in Edinburgh. There were over 130 at each venue. What a sight and feeling seeing so many Macnabs and so much Macnab tartan and banners march into the esplanade inside Edinburgh Castle behind our beaming chief and family. There are many photos of both venues on the website and Facebook.

The aforementioned gatherings are in no way meant to diminish other games and gatherings taking place around the country but these are the ones where our chief and clan have been honored. Our next major gathering will be in dual locations in Eastern Canada, where the Macnabs have had a significant historical impact – more on this later.

Membership – We continue to grow and to maintain current members but we need more as membership is the lifeblood of our organization. We are exploring avenues and initiatives to possibly bring our British and other foreign clan into the fold.

DNA Project – In this newsletter you will find an update from Loraine Smith our historian and Shennachie to the Chief on the rapidly changing landscape of Macnab history and heritage through DNA testing. Lorraine is moving into what I call ‘super testing’ and in order to do this we as a society need to sponsor expenses for same. Please, if you can, make a donation to this study which will benefit every one of us.

Innis Bhuidhe Island – There are many things on the island that need attention, as beautiful and serene as it is, it is not self maintaining. As a group we have pledged our financial support to keep her in good order, and with your help we will. The island suffered from the rains and floods in 2016 which need immediate attention. Jamie has more to say so I will not elaborate further. If we as a clan do not do this, then who will? We need all the help the Macnab’s can muster.

Donations – If you are donating please be specific. If you wish it for General Purposes, DNA Project or Innis Bhuidhe project, or all three. A great way to help is with a Lifetime Membership. All donations and membership dues are tax deductible for US citizens as we are a registered charity.

Last Word – All of you who attended any of the aforementioned gatherings you had the opportunity to meet Jamie Macnab our Clan Chief and his family and have seen them in action so you know how fortunate we as a clan are to have them. Jamie has worked hard and is fully engaged with the society and his chieftain duties which is all very time consuming. Thank you Jamie – may God bless and keep you and yours.

Bob Macnab
President Clan Macnab Society of North America.