Clan MacNab Society of North America

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An Open Letter From Bob Macnab-President, Clan Macnab Society of North America

Dear Members:
2016 brings many changes to your CMSNA, as you may already be aware from David McNabb’s letter in the winter issue of ‘Dread Nought’.  I would like to advise you of some important changes, new leadership roles, and reorganization plus some of our goals going forward.
Firstly, with sincere gratitude we all thank David McNabb for all he has done over so many years as President since accepting that role from Joe McNabb who was instrumental in initiating the society in 1975.  David has been awarded President Emeritus status and will remain active as the Western Region Commissioner.  He will also continue with his gift shop, clan library and as a major contributor to the newsletter.  Thanks for past and future David.
It has been felt for some time that CMSNA needed to become incorporated, as are many other clan societies.  This has been accomplished; we are now incorporated as a Texas Non-Profit with Associated By-Laws.  This gives CMSNA a platform of permanence for generations to come, provides liability protection for CMSNA, its directors and officers, and makes the Society a more effective vehicle for accomplishing our goals.  Incorporation is a public document and should you wish to see it, you can request it from Rebecca McNabb or any officer later listed. 
In addition, CMSNA Inc. has made application for 501(c)3 status to the IRS.  The application has been acknowledged and approval is pending. We are operating with charity status, subject to approval.  This gives your society the ability to raise funds for accredited projects on a tax deductible basis for US citizens. Your dues and donations can now be taken as deductions when you file taxes.
The new board for the corporation was formed by the old board of CMSNA in December 2015 – the list is attached. Jamie Macnab of Macnab was elected as Honorary Board Member.  Our charter requires we have officers in the minimum capacity of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  In December nominations were received and an election held by the Board, results were: Bob Macnab, President.  Scott McNabb, Vice President, Rebecca McNabb as Treasurer, and Janice McAnally as Secretary. In addition, four Regional Commissioners have been appointed by the President.  West – David McNabb,  North – Rick McNabb,  South – Lee McNabb, and Canada – Oran McNabb.  Further appointments will be forthcoming.  Malcolm McNab will remain as the Clan Piper. Jerry McNabb will fill the position of Clan Chaplain. Lorraine Smith has graciously accepted the position of Clan Historian. A pretty good lineup, going forward.
Goals - There are many but I will list a few at this time:
Membership - at this point we have 107 members. According to a 2001 US census, figures show nearly 14,000 Macnab, McNab, McNabb entries in the US. This does not include Canada, septs or legacy. Scott McNabb VP has agreed to develop a broad marketing plan.  Increased membership and participation are crucial to reaching our goals.  We have great potential here.

Clan History & Genealogy - we will continue to try to expand these aspects as they are one of the main components of the purpose of our society. DNA has become an important tool in genealogy studies.  
Games & Gatherings – much has been done in this area and we hope to increase our exposure.  We are developing a system of Geographical Regional Commissioners who will aide in passing on information and advice about activities in their areas and reporting on these in our Newsletter.  We are particularly looking for broader exposure in Canada.
Projects – there are quite a number we as a society can and should aid, some more ambitious than others; I will elaborate on two items.  The Sterling County Council Cemetery which is right behind the Killin Hotel and overlooks the River Dochart and Innis Bhuidhe, has quite a number of Macnab and Sept graves, and is suffering from the ravages of time with overgrown trees and listing headstones. The local Masonic Chapter, of which our good friend Alex Stewart is a member, undertakes the job of maintaining the cemetery and has done much to keep it up.  But more needs to be done, mainly in tree removal which is beyond their manpower and resources.  It is our plan to provide financial aid in this endeavor, to help preserve the cemetery and let the area citizens know we, as Macnabs care. We'll report more on this soon.
Most of you have probably visited Innis Bhuidhe, the ancient burial island of The Macnabs, and have been struck by its serenity and beauty.  The land is held in trust created by Charles Macnab of Macnab, 23rd Chief and is controlled by a board of trustees including Jamie Macnab of Macnab.  The trust has a small endowment but not nearly enough for pressing work that is needed on the island.  Among these projects are balustrade replacement on the entrance, pathway maintenance and general forestation which has to get prior approval from the Sterling Council and Forestation Authority.  We will be raising funds to help preserve one of the most important physical aspects of Macnab heritage, and our charity status will be a vehicle enabling us to do this; much, much more on this soon.  We are hoping that the recent floods did not cause damage!
A word about our Chief and an announcement – we are very fortunate to have Jamie on board and he has become fully engaged as evidenced by his letters and actions.  Jamie, his wife Jane and son James were very impressive as guests of honor at The Grandfather Mountain gathering last July, speaking at several events and greeting all.  We had a wonderful Macnab dinner with about fifty attendees.  Jamie also spoke at a COSCA (Council of Scottish Clans & Associations) meeting we attended.  Thanks to Lanny and Joe McNabb for their organization and also our dear friend Betty Wilson who said it was the largest Macnab attendance in all the years she has been there representing our Clan.  
Perhaps due to Jamie’s noteworthy presence at the Grandfather games he has been invited to be Guest of Honor at the Greenville South Carolina Highland Games & Festival on May 27
th-28th 2016.  He has accepted, so consequently there will be a gathering of the Macnabs graciously hosted by John & Darleen McNabb at their home on the grounds of The Biltmore Estate at Ashville, N. Carolina. This will be a brunch starting at 11am and will allow time to travel the 56 miles south to Greenville for the opening parade and ceremonies.  All members are welcome to attend.  There will be a short Board and Officers meeting and a Q & A session.  John & Darleen’s address is 17 Eastwood Road, Biltmore Forest, NC 28803.  A headcount is needed so please RSVP to our society email at,  giving specific numbers and names if you plan to attend.  
We have a rich and legendary history and our purpose as a society is to preserve, promote and educate, and in so doing create more history for generations to come.
I look forward to serving as your president.
Dread Nought.
Robert Macnab
President/ Board Member