An Open Letter From Bob Macnab-President, Clan Macnab Society International

Dear Members and Clansmen:
A very Happy New Year and Hogmanay to all Macnabs and society members everywhere.
2017 was a busy and banner year for the Society with gatherings across the country highlighted by a major gathering in August in Killin and Edinburgh. There were in excess of 139 at each venue with a sold-out dinner and ceilidh in Killin and a march led by our Chief into the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle to open the heralded Royal Edinburgh Tattoo music festival. Our own Daisy acted as an event organizer. What a feeling and wonderful time and the largest gathering of Macnabs in memory. Sincere thanks and compliments to all those who worked in organizing these events. Many who attended are looking forward to our next major gathering which will be in two locations in Ontario, Canada in the Fall of 2019.
Growth of our group and increased interest from persons outside North America led your Board to make a small but significant change – and that is to our name and strategic purpose. As of December 2017 we are no longer officially Clan Macnab Society of North America but more appropriately Clan Macnab Society International. Blessed by our Chief we will operate as one father organization worldwide.
Our due process of board election was held in November and the following changes were made. Rebecca Kuntz and Lee McNabb did not stand for re-election, we thank them for their service. Jamie Macnab was voted a full voting board member as was Oran McNabb of Burlington, Canada. With a view to rejuvenation of the UK sector, Allan McNab of Hertfordshire, UK was voted as a full board member. Lanny McNabb, Joe McNabb, Jim McNabb, John McNabb, Rick McNabb and Bob Macnab were all re-elected to new two-year terms. Officers and Department Heads all remain the same.
Our DNA project and Macnab data bank continues to grow and is uncovering new possibilities weekly under the deft guidance of our historian Loraine Smith. Loraine is doing some super testing which requires extra expenses born by the society, so if you can help further with this project please do with a donation. Through DNA a new member has uncovered some of his heritage and it turns out he and I are direct cousins.
Much has happened recently with the Innis Bhuidhe Project – The Macnab Memorial Trust which owns and operates the island has added to their board a new member – that being The President or his appointee of The Clan Macnab Society International, which for now is yours truly. This is a major step in ensuring the enduring viability of this most iconic, beautiful Macnab asset for current and future generations. It is up to all Macnabs everywhere to save and maintain her. This is no light project and involves cooperation with three government organizations that have oversight of various issues, all of which require pre-approval. Some are safety issues (steps), flood damage (wall), and general maintenance (pathway, forestation, stone enclosure and grave stones). Jamie has received quotes and estimates from architects and conservationists. Some of this is very specialized work and will take time to complete and must be done on a most needed, first funding available. It appears total costs estimates are near the $150,000 mark. I hope that we could start with at least $25,000 this first quarter of 2018 to get work started. IF YOU CARE AND IF YOU CAN, please help. As Americans your gift is tax deductible and a gift by your will only requires a wee codicil. Gifts of or in excess of $1,000 will be acknowledged with the right of having a plaque or stone placed on the island in commemoration of yourself or a loved one (details not yet available as this must be approved by Historic Scotland), and the right to scatter ashes. John and Darlene McNabb have offered to match $20,000 in donations! Our next major gathering in Killin will be in 2021 or 2022, and I am hoping a major portion of the work will be completed. We are only limited by funds available, so I ask you to give generously for this great cause. Donations may be mailed to 2778 Kelly Cross RD., Dunlap, TN 37327 or by PayPal to
Rebecca McNabb, our Society Treasurer, is also the Editor of the quarterly Dreadnought publication. Please send announcements and Macnab related stories or events to her. We have had some very good stories over the last couple of years and you can find them listed in prior Dreadnought issues on the Clan website. Please email any material you have to
Please keep your membership in force. Any new membership, renewals, or questions, please contact our society Secretary, Janice McAnally, at
Many countries recognize or honor persons from various disciplines, music, art, science, etc.; but only one, Scotland, has a national poet in Robert Burns. The celebrations in his honor take place worldwide on January 25th so find one if you can or at least have a little whisky and haggis to ensure a good 2018!

Bob Macnab – President Clan Macnab Society Internationalv

Clan MacNab Society International